In celebration of all things minty, we thought you’d enjoy a quick team favorite cocktail from our store in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Brown Cow chocolate wine has been a big hit since its introduction a few months ago. Its sweet style and rich chocolaty flavor meld nicely with a wide variety of flavored vodkas and liqueurs.

Today’s recipe uses Brown Cow chocolate wine and Mr. Stacks peppermint schnapps (not exactly Crème de Menthe, but still in the mint family). Both work great for this recipe – the peppermint schnapps is slightly less minty. Sort of a riff on the classic Peppermint Patty, our version is the “Brown Cow Patty”.

Let’s let Art from St. Pete take you through the steps:

Step one: Get yourself some Brown Cow.

Step two: Add equal parts Brown Cow to your favorite Creme de Menthe (we used Mr. Stacks Peppermint Schnapps)

Step three: Add ice, then shake it like you mean it. Check out Art's determination - he's not skimping on the elbow grease here.

Step four: Strain into your favorite glass. Enjoy - repeat as needed.