I am excited to share that our brand new, first-edition Total Guide to Beer is fresh off the presses and now arriving in all Total Wine & More stores. This complimentary (yes, FREE!) 200 page consumer/enthusiast-oriented book offers easy to read, yet comprehensive, content covering virtually all things beer, including: history, ingredients, brewing process, in-depth explanations of over 90 individual beer styles, beer tasting, food pairing, glassware, serving temperature, terminology, and more!

The world of better beer offers a vast array of colors, aromas and flavors for everyone to explore; from the curious to the adventurous and seasoned “beer geeks” alike. The book’s Beer Styles section provides a range of useful information about each recognized beer style featured, including flavor profile, Alcohol By Volume (ABV) range, bitterness (IBU) range, serving temperature, recommended glassware, color range, cheese and food pairing ideas, and popular examples available in the market.

Special “toasts” from some of the world’s top artisan brewers are featured in the book, where Garrett Oliver, brewmaster of The Brooklyn Brewery, espouses,

“… beer is a wonderfully affordable luxury…the Guide to Beer is a great way to get started. If you’ve always wondered what’s inside all those new bottles you see on the shelves, you’re going to find a lot of the answers right here. Have fun out there!”

Total Guide to Beer is printed in a convenient 8.5”x 5” size that’ll fit in your coat pocket or purse for ready reference on the go.


Rob Hill
Certified Cicerone®
Author of Total Guide To Beer
New Programs Mgr., Customer Experience
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