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Greenalls_LogoG&J Greenall is a distillery in Warrington, England with a 250 year heritage of making quality gins. In 1760, Distiller Thomas Dakin bought property there, but his problem was that there was a law against distilling gin due to grain shortages at the time. However, that law was repealed the next year in 1761, and he was able to start distilling right away. His focus was quality, hand-crafted gin, and his Dakin’s Warrington was a success.

greenalls_stillsNearly one hundred years later, in 1860, after the death of Thomas Dakin’s son Edward, Edward Greenall leased the distillery and named it Gilbert and John Greenall after his two younger brothers. He continued to use the original gin recipe. In 1894, G&J Greenall was incorporated. Tomas Dakin’s original gin was renamed to Greenall’s, though the original recipe again remained intact. In 1923, Greenall Whitley, a dominant brewer and pub owner controlled by a different branch of the Greenall family, purchased G&J Greenall and established a diversified family business.

In 1960, G&J Greenall relocated to a larger facility on Loushers Lane in Warrington just in time to celebrate the company’s bicentennial. Greenall’s Original Gin thrived over the next several decades. G&J Greenall’s reputation for producing quality gins during that period helped them establish a portfolio of 3rd party contract gins including Bombay Dry, Bombay Sapphire and several supermarket brands.

Joanne Moore, master distiller G&J Greenalls

Master Distiller Joanne Moore

In 1996, current Master Distiller Joanne Moore joined the company, first working in the laboratory and quality control departments. She spent the next ten years learning, apprenticing, and creating new gin recipes under the previous head distiller. Joanne was promoted to Master Distiller in 2006 upon his retirement.

The year prior to that promotion in 2005, the distillery had a devastating fire that destroyed a large part of the facility. The stills, however, were saved and production commenced again only a week later! G&J decided to build new still houses in a different Warrington location at that time as well.

Since becoming Master Distiller, Joanne continues to remain responsible for distilling the original Greenall’s London Dry Gin.

botanicals_greenallsGreenall’s Original is a traditional London Dry Gin with a rich yet not overly complex balanced flavor profile. Searching through the botanical lesson on the company’s site, Greenall’s is made with at least eight different botanicals: juniper berries, almonds, angelica root, cassia bark, coriander seeds, lemon peel, licorice root and orris root. That combination of botanicals offers a gin that has juniper balanced by spicy citrus flavors. a gin for the everyday moment, delicious and refreshing served as part of a classic Gin & Tonic.

bloom_gin_smallerBloom is also a London Dry Gin, but created in a way that softens the flavors and adds floral elements – aromas much like English country gardens! Chamomile, pomelo peel, and honeysuckle flowers are the three botanicals that make this gin unique; juniper berries, angelica root, coriander seeds, and cubeb are also used. The pomelo provides a rich orange citrus freshness, the honeysuckle flowers a sweet honey, and the chamomile a calming floral flavor. It is recommended to be served with strawberries and tonic.

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