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It’s super frosty for many of you out there, and one of our favorite ways to ward off the chill is with a piping hot mug of cocoa — especially when it’s given a caliente kicker with the addition of reposado tequila and spices!

Tecnico Azteco cocktailWhat gives this delicious and unique hot chocolate recipe its authentic Mexican character is the combination of bitter or bittersweet cocoa powder with aromatic vanilla, cinnamon, allspice and the mild spicy addition of red chile powder.


In a small pan combine:

2 oz. strong black coffee

6 oz. whole milk

1 oz. agave nectar

2 tablespoons of spicy cacao/bitter chocolate powder (see recipe below)

Heat ingredients until steaming. Pour into a heated mug and add 2 oz. of Tecnico Reposado tequila. Serve hot. Optional touches to decorate the cocktail: sprinkle with cinnamon powder, ground cocoa nibs or add a cinnamon stick.

To make the Spicy Mexican Cocoa Powder

Take 4 tablespoons of bitter or bittersweet hot chocolate powder to make two servings of drink and add to it one little pinch each of the following:

Vanilla powder (you can substitute a dash of vanilla extract if powder isn’t available)

Ground cinnamon

Ground allspice

Red chile powder

The original recipe was developed by Warren Bobrow, the author of Apothecary Cocktails book, recipe adapted for home use.