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Seattle-based mixologist and blogger Natalie Migliarini’s beautiful cocktail photographs caught our eye, so we asked her if she’d share one of her favorite tequila cocktail recipes with us and she kindly obliged!

Here’s her clever jelly shot recipe which combines the citrusy zing of grapefruit and lime with the spicy warmth of red pepper flakes.

tequila-jellyHere’s how to make it!


3/4 cup of Don Sergio reposado tequila

1/4 cup of grapefruit juice

1 cup sparkling grapefruit soda

1/4 teaspoon of red pepper flakes

2 tablespoons of lime juice

2 envelopes of Knox gelatin

Garnish: Grapefruit slices and/or sprinkled with sugar and salt mixture (1 tablespoon salt and 1 tablespoon sugar mixed)

Materials: Natalie used a 1 pound loaf pan then cut into squares but you could also use round molds


In a saucepan add grapefruit juice, sparkling grapefruit soda, red pepper flakes, and lime.

Turn heat on low and sprinkle 2 envelopes of gelatin into saucepan with other liquid, then stir mixture until the gelatin is dissolved.

Remove from heat and stir in tequila.

Pour mixture into loaf pan or molds, and place in refrigerator to chill and set (For best results, chill overnight).

After shots are chilled and ready to serve cut into desired shapes (Natalie used squares/rectangles).

Garnish with grapefruit slices and/or salt and sugar mixture sprinkled over shots.

14-18 jelly shots (depending on mold used)

Natalie head shotNatalie Migliarini is a mixologist, cocktail stylist, photographer, and recipe developer based out of Seattle, Washington. Her passion is discovering new and creative ways to use booze through fabulous cocktails featuring seasonal ingredients. Check out her other delicious creations on her blog Beautiful Booze.