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National Drink Wine Day is back on February 18. If you’re not already planning on celebrating with us, here are a few reasons to grab your best wine pals and participate.

1. You had a great day

Everything seems to be going your way today! Work went great, you got that promotion you’ve been gunning for, or maybe it’s something as simple as getting the kids off to school without anything crazy happening. No matter how large or small your triumph was, it’s time to celebrate!

Great day

2. You had a bad day

They happen. Things in life just don’t always go the way we plan. Don’t get down, call a friend or two over for some company, and just unwind with a glass … maybe two.


3. You deserve it

You know reason #1 and #2? Whichever kind of day you had, just know you deserve to relax. Because if you haven’t heard it lately, you’re awesome.


4. You have friends that love wine, and you enjoy sharing

You and your friends both love wine. What better day to get together and enjoy your common love than on National Drink Wine Day? Grab your phone and text/call a few friends. Just make sure to drop a hint that a couple of them should bring over a bottle, in case you end up having more guests than you bargained for.


5. You don’t need a reason

It’s National Drink Wine Day. Do you really need more reasons? Probably not. Grab a glass and a bottle of your favorite red or white wine tonight, and kick your feet up. Cheers!


Which wine will you be enjoying on February 18th to celebrate Drink Wine Day?