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Hey, would you look at that — It’s February 18th again! Get the wine glasses out, because today is National Drink Wine Day.

Indeed, you heard us right. It’s a real thing!


Today we celebrate everything wine. We honor its production and producers, who have have been making it since 7000-6600 B.C.E.  We also toast the popularity of wine, with over 19 million acres of the world’s surface being planted with grape vines today. While the methods of producing wine and its popularity have changed over time, the end product still retains its original intended purpose — a drink with which to celebrate.

Yet, while we know all this information about wine, National Drink Wine Day is still somewhat of a mystery. We know that it has been celebrated for some time, but it has no historical record to help clearly pinpoint its origin. What we do know is every February 18th in the United States, no matter what day of the year it falls on, is dedicated to celebrating our common penchant for enjoying a tasty glass of wine.


Grab a glass!

So today we ask you to grab a glass, a favorite (or new) wine, and some friends or family. Let’s toast to the ingenuity of the human spirit that allowed us to concoct such a marvelous wonder for everyone to enjoy.

Salud. Proost. Skål. Santé. Sláinte. No matter how you choose to say it, a raised glass of wine can be understood in any language. Cheers!

downton-abbey-wineNeed help finding the right wine to enjoy tonight? Check out our wine selections!

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