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This Sunday the Academy Awards will be broadcast live to honor all of favorite actors, actresses, film makers, and more from the past year. Whether you plan on entertaining a few friends or having a relaxing night in watching The Oscars, watch it in style. Mix up one of these classic cocktails that have graced the big screen so you can enjoy during the award ceremony.

 The Manhattan

Marilyn Monroe certainly had a bright idea when her and co-stars found a bottle of bourbon and some vermouth in Some Like it Hot in 1959. While the characters in the movie went the bourbon route based on what was available to them, we prefer to use Rye Whiskey and a few other ingredients. Make no mistake, any version of this cocktail would still get “the party started” in Upper 7.

Planning on making a Manhattan for Sunday? Check out the video below and grab the ingredients here.

Dirty Martini

Shaken, not stirred. James Bond’s classic martini might be the Vesper, but there are many variations of his go-to drink. We prefer a Dirty Martini which makes for a relaxing cocktail that will appeal to any gin or vodka fan. Also, the olive. Yum.

Make sure this version is stirred, not shaken. Grab the ingredients here.

The Muddled Old Fashioned

Whether you’re thinking of Ryan Gosling’s character from Crazy, Stupid, Love. or Don Draper from Mad Men, this cocktail has made it’s rounds in movies and on TV. Draper may not have graced the big screen, but he did win an Emmy. Also, let’s be honest. That guy knows his cocktails.

Watch the video below to learn how to make the Muddled Old Fashioned. Get the ingredients to make this cocktail here.