We’ve all got that one wine bottle.

You know the one. Maybe it’s on the pricey side, but it’s that one bottle that you bought for a “special occasion” to celebrate or commemorate. Yet somehow that occasion has passed by, or possibly it hasn’t even presented itself yet. We’re here to tell you – it’s time to stop holding on. Break out that significant bottle and enjoy it!

No Jess, not that one.

No Jess. We’re pretty sure that’s not the one.

This Saturday (2/28/2015) is finally the day to uncork, swirl and sip. The last Saturday in February is known as Open that Bottle Night (OTBN), and this year celebrates its 16th anniversary.

Invented by American journalists Dorothy Gaiter and John Brecher,  the day was first celebrated in 2000 when the duo encouraged their Wall Street Journal column readers to open a special bottle they had been holding onto. So on Saturday, let’s do just that. Open that wine and free it from its glass prison. It’s time to let it breathe!

Keep in mind, OTBN isn’t just about the wine though.

Sure, the wine is a big (and tasty) part of the celebration. But the night is just as much, or even more so, about the story and memories attached to that bottle.

Fond memories, bittersweet ones, or even hopes for the future; There’s a story that is unique to you and perhaps a few select others which makes that particular bottle so special, and that’s more than likely why it remains unopened. This is the one that we’re encouraging you to open; not your most expensive, or even oldest, bottle you have.

Open the wine bottle that holds the most sentimental value, and while you enjoy it relive those happy moments and let go of the bittersweet ones.

No matter what your reason for holding onto that bottle is, we’d be honored if you shared the story behind it with us. Comment below and let us know what bottle you’ll be opening and the reason it’s so special!

Oh, and remember not to be stingy. Sharing is caring.