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There’s a lot of pressure to give the right gift on Valentine’s Day, isn’t there?  It can’t be too cheap, can’t be too expensive, it should be a token of your affection – but not too affectionate! Where do you even begin?

If you’ve been smart enough to fall in love with someone who enjoys a good glass of wine, you can relax. At Total Wine & More, we’ve set aside a collection of wines that are perfect for Valentine’s Day – this Sunday.

Whether you want a fun bottle that simply says, “Hey, I think you’re kind of cute,” something delicious to accompany a romantic dinner or a bottle of bubbly to celebrate how lucky you are in love, we have it ready for you. What do you want to tell your Valentine?


Skip the roses and reach for rosé instead.

I’m sweet on you. Pick a bottle of red wine that’s slightly sweet, easy to sip with flirty conversation and a box of chocolates, but substantial enough to enjoy with a good meal. Wink Risqué Red, from California, is a fun and fruity wine that offers a wink and a smile to your Valentine.

You are luscious! Sharing a yummy dessert with your Valentine? Pour yourselves glasses of Paradise Peak Sweet Riesling. This Washington wine, with decadent aromas of apricot and peach, balances rich flavors with a crisp finish. Try it with a fruit tart or cream-filled pastries.

You deserve a bouquet of rosés.  Chill a refreshing, dry rosé from the South of France and serve with tasty snacks – olives, nuts, mild cheeses – that complement its Mediterranean style. Share the berry-scented Chateau La Tour Sainte Anne with a Valentine who appreciates an elegant wine.

I love you, and I made you dinner. You clearly have things under control! Now you just need a bottle of delicious Anakena Red Blend, from Chile’s Central Valley. Its jammy berry flavors will make a great pairing with a cozy spaghetti or steak dinner.

Champagne - Rondel GOLD - blog post

You’ve got that special sparkle. Rondel Gold Brut Cava, a highly rated bottling of Spain’s classic sparkling wine, is perfect to pop open when you feel like celebrating. In its shimmering, golden wrapper, it’s fun to share with someone who loves a touch of glamour.

Stop by any Total Wine & More stores this weekend, and we’ll help you find the perfect selection for the holiday. You can also shop online at www.TotalWine.com.