Look, we all know moms aren’t always the easiest to pick out gifts for. But we’re here to let you in on a little secret: Shopping for Mom doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it can be quite easy. That’s because there’s one little-known tidbit about many of the world’s moms: Moms like wine.


So this year, we’re helping you pick out a wine Mom will love. Open a bottle and share it with her, and we’re thinking she’ll enjoy that even more.

We recently released our Top 15 Wines of Summer, perfect for the season. Any bottle on the list will make this Mother’s Day one to remember. Take a look!

For the Mom who loves to Smell the Rosés

If you traditionally give Mom roses, how about a bottle of rosé? Chateau Fabregues Costières de Nimes, a delicious French rosé, is perfect for the season. Full-bodied with a smooth finish, this wine is bursting with fresh fruit flavors. Pairs perfectly with any seafood, poultry, salads or other light fare you might be serving Mom on March 8. It also happens to be our #1 wine of summer, so you know this is a stellar choice.


For the Mom Sipping White Wine

If the mom you’re shopping for enjoys white wine, we have the perfect seasonal sippers for her. Grey Rock Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough is a zesty white wine from New Zealand full of ripe tropical and gooseberry fruit flavors. Fresh and well-balanced, this Sauvignon Blanc makes a great aperitif or wine to pair with any seafood dish you’re thinking of preparing for Mother’s Day.


How can we recommend a white wine for Mom without touching on everyone’s favorite buttery style? Firebrand Chardonnay is full-bodied with rich and layered vanilla notes, complemented by flavors of fresh citrus and tropical fruit. Pairs well with grilled fish, chicken and pasta and mild cheeses – perfect for a Mother’s Day meal on the back patio.


For the Mom who Loves to Drink Red

If the mom in your life loves big flavors, then Sextant Cabernet Sauvignon Paso Robles is the bottle you need to put a bow on. This luscious red wine balances rich, indulgent flavors of cherry and chocolate. Sextant’s full-bodied Cabernet pairs well with any braised meats, wild game or roasted vegetables you might serve for Mother’s Day dinner.


Or maybe you’re planning on just relaxing with Mom on Sunday. Grab a red blend new to our stores, Ancient Roots Dark Red Blend. This bottle exhibits true craftsmanship with layers of complementary flavors and impeccable balance. Savor notes of espresso and dark fruit in this rich California red, and pour a glass for Mom to have the perfect lazy Sunday.


When it Comes to Mom, it’s All About the Accessories

Most moms love to accessorize with style. And wine is no exception. With picnic season right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to grab Mom some cute new unbreakable glassware from Govino to enjoy the great outdoors with.


We’ve also got some really unique glassware, new from Bambeco. Grab a set to give to Mom this year, and you’ll also be helping the earth, as they are sustainable products. She’ll be proud of you, and excited to receive this festive gift. Perfect for raising a glass to Mom!