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The hot weather is rolling in, and those big stouty beers no longer look quite as appealing as they did this winter. But many styles of beers are perfect for the season, so take a look and familiarize yourself with the brews you need to be enjoying this summer.


This German beer style is a go-to when summer hits. Depending on the brewery, it can be light- to medium-bodied, have a slightly fruity taste or show a hop profile that varies from medium to slightly more aggressive.  For the less hoppy version, we recommend Goose Island’s Summertime Kölsch. Its lightly fruity aroma and crisp finish make it a great choice for sipping on the patio.


Munich Helles Lager

This beer style is a great “lawn mower” beer if ever there was one. Created at Munich’s Spaten brewery in 1895 to compete against popular Pilsner-style beers, Munich Helles Lager is similar to, but has notable differences from, traditional Pilsner. “Helles” means “bright” in German, and this style pours a clear, bright straw yellow to pale-golden color with a creamy white head. Unlike German Pilsners, this German Lager style is more malt-forward, exhibiting bready, toasted grain flavors with only a hint of sweetness. It’s not meant to be overly complicated, just downright enjoyable. Cigar City’s Hotter than Helles or Ninkasi Brewing’s Helles Belles are great choices if they are available in your area, but there are many great variations on this style. Explore and find the one that you enjoy most!

Fruit Beer

It’s summertime. You want something sweet and crisp on the palate, and that’s what you’ll get with this style of beer. Wheat ales are usually the go-to base for this style of beer, but not always. The fruit character on these beers can range from mild to intense, and brewers can select from a long list of fruits to really make a brew their own. Popular fruits include cherries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, apricots, peaches and pomegranates. Beers like 21st Amendments Hell or High Watermelon, Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat or Abita’s Strawberry Harvest Lager are great selections for summer.


Session IPAs

Hop lovers – we didn’t forget about you. But do you really want to drink a double IPA under the hot sun?  That’s why this style has gained in popularity over the past few years. A lower-alcohol version of an India Pale Ale that keeps you cool, but with just as much hop punch? Sign us up! Great citrus notes and a variety of hops can be found in these beers, like Founder’s All Day IPA and Firestone Walker’s Easy Jack IPA.


Craft beer - mix and match

These are just a few selections that are making the list, but everyone has their preferred style and choice for summer. Stop in and discover yours from our selection of more than 2,500 beers, and don’t forget to check our online growler menu to pick up a fresh fill for the season from one of our Brewery District growler filling locations. Cheers!