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If you’ve enjoyed a bottle of Spanish wine in the last few years – a bold red, a vibrant white, a stylish sparkling wine – it may be thanks to Jorge Ordoñez.

For many years, the few Spanish wines available in the United States tended to be mass-produced sherries or dusty reds of mysterious origin. Though Spain had been producing fine wine for centuries, not a lot got through to our shores.


When Ordoñez, who grew up in the family wine business in Málaga, Spain, moved to the United States in 1987, Spain’s tradition-bound wine industry had just been turned upside-down. The nation’s relatively recent transition to democracy and entrance to the European Union was opening up new international markets. Investment in local winemaking was increasing, onerous regulations were being relaxed and young winemakers began making modern new styles in Spain’s storied vineyards.

Ordoñez, now a renowned producer and distributor of Spanish wines, pushed for further improvements to traditional winemaking. He called for lower yields and careful vinification. He insisted on refrigerated warehousing and shipping. As a result, his wines have classic Spanish spirit and flavor, with the quality and freshness we love.

Importing a broad range of high-quality wines previously unknown outside Spain, he helped Americans fall in love with wines from great Spanish regions like Rioja and Rueda, and with grapes like Tempranillo, Garnacha and Verdejo. His influence on the industry has helped to raise standards for all Spanish wines.


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