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When Tex-Mex is on the menu, most of us reach reflexively for a beer. But with its variety of ingredients, flavors and means of preparation, Tex-Mex cuisine pairs beautifully with a range of different wines. At Total Wine & More, we carry more than 8,000 wines, so it’s safe to say we can help you find a tasty match, whether you’re cooking up carnitas or tostadas.

Starting with salsa or guacamole? For the ever-popular tomatillo salsa, made from the green husk tomato, think white wine. The herbal notes in a tropical New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or a rich Verdejo, from the Rueda region of northwestern Spain, will enhance a zesty green salsa. These wines or a nice dry Riesling will also stand up to the richness of avocado in guacamole.

Image credit: Mike McCune

Image credit: Mike McCune

Sparkling rosés, with their bright flavors and beautiful color, have become some of our most popular bubblies. Their lively bubbles and refreshing acidity make them a perfect match for Tex-Mex favorites. If you’re feasting on boldly flavored pork dishes like tacos al pastor or carnitas, we recommend a brut, or dry, rosé. A rosé can even come in handy when you want a wine to balance the robust flavors of tomato-based dishes, such as enchiladas in red tomato sauce and chicken in dark mole.

There are few of us who can resist the sizzle of a freshly prepared fajita plate. However, when it comes to pairing wine with fajitas, you have to take into account more than just whether they’re beef or chicken. Fajitas are the sum of their parts, which often include grilled onions and peppers, pico de gallo and sour cream. With such a hefty dish, we suggest a full-bodied wine. Set your sights on a young Argentine Malbec or California Zinfandel, which offer robust flavors and sturdy tannins to match the full flavors of fajitas.

Say “Salud,” and head over to Total Wine & More to find the perfect pairing for your next Tex-Mex meal.