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Memorial Day has passed, and we’ve begun to don our summer attire to match the season. Now that we’re casual enough – and it’s hot enough – to wear white jeans whenever, we still make an important switch this time of year – to white spirits.

Vodka, tequila, rum and white whiskey are the classic spirits for summertime cocktails. They’re lighter and brighter, perfect companions to the refreshing mixers that taste right in hot weather, like tonic, sodas and fruit juices. As the season heats up, our customers have been enjoying vodka drinks, especially those made with Texas’ Tower Vodka.

Tower’s makers are from Pilot Point, not far south of the Oklahoma border. The label of this great new spirit depicts the water tower that looms over town.


The Texas-made vodka is produced in micro-batches and distilled six times, which gives it real purity and smoothness. Because it’s made from corn, Tower is gluten-free. Clean and crisp-tasting, it’s an ideal base for simple vodka cocktails.

Vodka this good doesn’t need to be gussied up with a lot of additional ingredients. But if vodka martinis don’t say “summer” to you, try mixing Tower into a tall drink, over ice with a big splash of tonic, cola, fruit soda or ginger beer. A squeeze of fresh lime and you’re ready to cool off. Or enjoy it mixed with cranberry or orange juice – and maybe a small dash of seltzer or club soda to give the drink a refreshing spritz.

Here’s one with bright color and juicy flavor, just right for a hot summer weekend:

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