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Having a crowd over this holiday weekend? Go big – with wines in super-sized packaging, so you can select a few wines you know your guests will love – and relax.

There’s never been any debate about the convenience and value of boxed wine. A 5-liter box holds the equivalent of almost seven standard 750-milliter bottles. Do the math, and you’ll typically find great savings from the larger packaging – plus you won’t have to be pulling a cork from a fresh bottle every five minutes while thirsty guests wait. The wine is super-easy to serve from the built-in tap. If you’re serving outdoors, there are no worries about glass breaking.


What’s new with boxes is that the quality is higher than it’s ever been. Young winemakers have been won over by boxes’ environmental benefits and wine-friendliness. Lighter and more compact to ship than glass bottles, wine in a box has a lighter carbon footprint than its traditional bottled counterpart. Plus, opened boxed wine can stay fresh in the fridge for weeks, with its bag-in-the-box keeping out light and air.

Dario De Conti, an Italian native who has been making wine in the Napa Valley for 10 years, recently created Big Sipper Red and Big Sipper White, two great California wines in 5-liter boxes (that’s more than two dozen servings per box) that will match happily with holiday cookout fare.

Pour Haus is another crowd-pleasing group of California wines, from the makers of Cupcake, with three classic varieties packaged in stylish 3-liter boxes. A smooth Chardonnay, a zesty Pinot Grigio and a hearty Cabernet Sauvignon cover all the bases for casual food and wine pairing.


Or try Le Petite Frog Picpoul, a distinctive French white wine in a 3-liter box, ideal for hot summer sipping. With floral aromas and zesty citrus flavors, Picpoul makes a lively, sophisticated drink before dinner, or a fine pairing with shellfish and white fishes and meats.

See what wine’s on tap for the holiday! Find more great boxed wines at your local Total Wine & More store.