Are you making a list, checking it twice and still finding yourself in need of some inspiration? At Total Wine & More, we have beer, cocktail and wine accessories that can satisfy friends and family of all stripes, from the hopivore to the cocktail master.


When it comes to enjoying beer, one of the most important elements (besides the beer itself) is the glass in which it’s served. Our Libbey Craft Brews Set features six different glass styles, including the classic Pilsner, English pub, Belgian Ale, craft pub, Porter/Stout and wheat beer glasses. While some may dismiss the importance of the beer glass, aficionados will tell you it’s an integral part of the drinking experience. Take the famed Pilsner glass: Its long, tapered shape shows off the color and carbonation of a good Lager, while helping maintain the beer head for a nice, frothy top. The same can be said for the tulip-shaped Belgian Ale glass and its narrow, flared top, which keeps the head frothy and locks in aroma.


For any mixologist in the making, a set of copper mugs is essential. To many, the Moscow Mule is the cocktail of the moment, and with its rise, the copper mug has exploded in popularity. Though the mug may have started as a marketing gimmick to sell vodka stateside in the 1940s, it has become a beloved part of cocktail culture. So it makes a great gift, which is made even better when coupled with a good vodka. For those who wish to up their gift game, we recommend Summum and Knight’s Hall, our two top vodkas for 2016.


While it may seem daunting to shop for dedicated wine lovers, our great selection of accessories makes it easy. The Original Rabbit Corkscrew is the standard-bearer in the corkscrew department. Famous for its ability to remove a cork in less than three seconds, this award-winning corkscrew can face off against the most difficult corks. In addition to corkscrews that help get celebrations started, we also offer accessories to keep them going. Our Champagne Re-corker keeps bottles fresh and bubbly, and also gives red and white wines an extra two to four days of life after opening.

So let us help you check items off your list before your family comes to town. Stop by your local store and pick up some fun accessories tonight, or find the gifts you want to give online, and we’ll have them ready for you to pick up in just one hour with in-store express pickup.